Veyron SFP Ultra Compact Riflescope and Classic-level Riflescopes

April 28th, 2023

New! Veyron SFP Ultra Compact Riflescope: 

Looking for an extremely compact SFP scope? Check out the new Veyron SFP ultra compact riflescope! It features low, medium, and high-power versions with MIL turret-lock adjustment, which are especially designed for PCP, springer and gas-ram recoiling air rifles. Available models in 2-8x32, 3-12x44, 4-16x44 and 6-24x44, with 6 levels illuminated reticle.


Key features of Veyron SFP ultra compact riflescope:

lUltra short and compact

l30mm monotube, long eye relief, fully multi coated

l1/10 MIL adjustment, 60 clicks/round

lTurret lock, etched glass reticle w/ center dot illuminated

l5 year warranty

For order, please visit

Highly Recomended Classic-level Riflescopes: 

If you are a seasoned hunter/shooter, and you are looking for high-quality riflescopes for your daily use, with a good budget, then it is a must for you to check out our classic-level riflescopes! This level of riflescopes range from 1’’ to 34mm monotube and LPVO to extreme long-range shooting, with SFP&FFP, Turret lock system and capped adjustment. Plus the 5 years warranty, you will find the right riflescope that fit any shooting scenario!


How to choose?

Vector Optics Classic-level riflescopes offer various options in FFP/SFP, adjustment, shooting range and shooting scenarios. Generally speaking, if you are looking for LPVO riflescopes, our Constantine, Grimlock and Mustang line riflecope would be a good choice; if you are shooting at medium range & long range, then choose Veyron, Matiz, Hugo and Orion line riflescope; If you are a Benchest shooter and looking for riflescopes for extreme long range shooting, then you should definitely choose Minotaur riflescope!


*For entry-level Riflescope recommendations, please check out this link:

Vectalk: Ture User Feelings and New Product Proview: 

New session on our YouTube channel - VecTalk! As a company that values our customers above anything, we know how important true user feedback is for our customers. And that is why we open this new VecTalk session on our YouTube channel - to talk about customers true user feelings, what features benefit our customers the most and a bit preview on our new product!  


*First Episode of VecTalk with our South African Brand Ambassador Brett Eagle!

First Episode: Lets talk about Continental riflescope with Brett!

In our first episode, we invited our South African Brand Ambassador Brett, who is also a huge fan of our Continental riflescope, he has been using Vector Optics riflescope for over 3 years, and the quality amazed him! Brett shared with us his true user feeling on Continental riflescope and he highly recommended this line! Our host Pearl also shared a bit preview on new Continental 1-10x28 FFP riflescope, stay tuned!

To watch the full video, please check out the link here:

And dont forget to subscribe our YouTube Channel: Vector Optics, more episodes of VecTalk coming out in the future!

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