New! OwlSet Thermal Clip-on Image Scope & Continental 1-10x FFP Scope

May 04th, 2023

New! Owlset 1x35/50mm Thermal Clip-on Image Scope: 

Hunting is quite an interesting and challenging experience in the wild. Have you experienced hunting in the wide natural field, especially at night? If not, try it at least once in your lifetime. And thermal imaging is the perfect companion to accompany you through hunting experience.


Key features:

√ 8x digital zoom

√ Frame refresh rate - 50HZ

√ Max 2600 Meters

√ IP67 waterproof

√ 3 sensor calibration modes - automatic, semi-automatic, manual

√ 640x512 Resolution @ 12μm & 1024x768 OLED

√ 4 different image display color pattern(hot white, hot red, hot black and hot iron)

The benefits:


· Ideal for daytime and nighttime use

It can work for a dark and bright environment since it uses temperature instead of ambient light.

· Be used separately or together with the riflescope.

Clip-on scope clamp has three sizes and install the different objective size of scope, and even if acts as a thermal monocular while hunting.

· No zeroing required

This thermal scopes do not require shooters to zero. Therefore, hunters don’t need to go through the hassle of swapping optics and possibly lose their zero in the process.

· Stable image quality

A high-resolution sensor that provides crisp detail and shading for rich images and aids for easier target identification.

Click to watch the video about using and installation:


Two Reticles of New Continental 1-10x FFP Scope: 

With circle reticle and without circle reticle:


Our new continental 1-10x FFP scopes will offer two different reticles - with circle reticle and not have circle reticle. Versatile tactical reticle with milliradian measurement. What’s more, the illuminated circle with small center dot provides speed at low magnification and precision at high magnification. And at large magnifications, the circled reticle do not obscure at all. In the 6X magnification, the circle is not visible and does not interfere with the image! The following is the real imaging.


And this is the circle reticle when the illumination is turned on.


*Without illumination in the daytime, with illumination at dusk.

Visit video about the change of magnification, please click the link


How to Choose a LPVO Scope: 

LPVO(Low Power Variable Optic) scope can be used with both eyes open like a red dot sight, but also can freely adjust the magnification according to different needs, thus meeting the requirements of close, medium and long range.


1. Magnification range

Depend on the distance and level of precision you plan to shoot and require.

LPVO scopes typically from 1-4x, 1-6x, 1-8x and 1-10x. If you are shooting at close to medium range, a 1-4x or 1-6x scope may be sufficient. However, if you need to take long-range shots, a 1-8x or 1-10x scope may be the better choice.

2. Reticle

Choose a reticle that suits your shooting style and preferences. If you prefer a simple, clean sight image, a simple reticle(such as, Etched glass German #4 reticle) may be the great choice. If you need to make quick, accurate shots, a red dot or circle reticle may be more suitable.


3. Eye relief

This is an important factor to consider, especially if you wear glasses or have a short eye relief. Make sure to choose a LPVO scope with enough eye relief to avoid any discomfort or eye strain during extended shooting sessions.

4. Durability

Choose a LPVO scope that is built to last. Look for scopes made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh environments and rough handling. A scope with a rugged construction and waterproofing will ensure that it can withstand any conditions you may encounter in the field.


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