Team Building: Let’s Dig Bamboo Together & New Taurus HD SFP Riflescope

June 08th, 2023

Team Building: Lets Dig Bamboo Together!

We at Vector Optics believe that team building is an essential part of creating a successful and happy workplace. That's why we recently organized a team-building event focused on fun team games and activities that brought us closer together.

While we explored the beautiful nature, we worked in groups to dig bamboo, play Frisbee and set off fireworks together. These activities required not only teamwork but also physical exertion, making it a great way to bond with colleagues while getting some exercise.


At Vector Optics, we value innovation, integrity and intention. Our team-building events are one way we strive to improve team cohesion, and it’s a good balance for us mentally and physically. The Vector Optics team will keep focusing on building the most valuable riflescope brand together!

We look forward to planning more team-building events in the future and continuing to strengthen our team at Vector Optics.


New! Taurus HD SFP Riflescope

Looking for a price-to-performance tactical scope in second focal plane? Check out our new Taurus HD SFP riflescopes! With available models in 4-16x44 and 6-24x50, Taurus HD SFP riflescopes are engineered to deliver your medium and long-range shooting with outstanding clarity and superior quality. Plus the zero-stop function and lifetime warranty, Taurus HD SFP riflescope is a game-changer!


vector Taurus HD SFP riflescope 2.png

Key features of Taurus SFP Riflescope:

√ Diamond clear HD lens, 90% light transmission

√ 1/10 MIL 1cm 0.1 MRAD Adjust, zero-stop turret system

√ 30mm Monotube, wide field of view

√ 6 levels illuminated, min 20yds parallax

√ Lifetime warranty


For order, please visit or contact



Review: Continental 8X 3-24X56 SFP Scope

“Compared with a top brand scope, The Continental 8x 3-24x56 SFP Scope is really good for money, with good light pass through, and excellent adjustments all around worth the money and this scope will work well for any platform you mount it to! 

Although the Continental 8x 3-24x56 SFP Scope is half price of the top brand scope, it holds itself very well and has more features than the top brand (zero stop, better adjustment knobs, equal build quality and more accessories in the box)

 I emphasize the Continental is half the price, and is 95% of the performance of the top brand on clarity, and the top brand scope promises 90% light pass trough and Continental promises 93%, so low light is slightly better for Vector Optics.

If you ask me to choose, I would go with the Continental, just for what you get for your money.”


Key features that are most beneficial to the shooter:

 + ED glass, 93% light transmission, price-to-performance

 + Very precise adjustment turrets: elevation with ZERO STOP feature, windage w/ turret Lock

 + Came with a lot of accessories in the box, customized and optional accessories available too. 

 + Lifetime warranty


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