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November 02th, 2023

Greetings, fellow hunters and shooting enthusiasts! Welcome to the latest issue of the Vector Optics Newsletter. We are delighted to announce that two loving couples have recently become brand ambassadors. We are also excited to share with you two new updates: the X-ACCUTM mount assembly kit and the latest episode of VecTalk. Let's dive in!

Two Loving Couples Joined our Brand Ambassador Program!

Since the launch of the Pro Team Program, we have received a continuous stream of applications from experienced shooters and fans of Vector Optics. We are excited to announce that two couples who are passionate about our brand have joined us as brand ambassadors! These ambassadors will represent us and share their experiences with our optics. Together, we will continue to deliver high-quality optics and exceptional customer service. Keep an eye out for more updates from our incredible brand ambassadors!

New Ambassador of Vector Optics.jpg

If you are enthusiastic about shooting and have knowledge in the field, we invite you to join our Pro Team Program! We offer five different types of cooperation and are excited for you to join us.

Click the link here to join us:

New X-ACCUTM Mount Assembly Kit!

Are you searching for a mounting kit that allows you to attach a red dot sight on top of your scope? Vector Optics has just the solution! Introducing the 34mm X-ACCUTM Mount Assembly Kit, which offers both straight and 45-degree top mount options for different optics. With the MOJ & MAG adapter, Picatinny rail, and riser mount, you'll have a wide range of mounting possibilities at your disposal!

 X-ACCU Mount Assembly Kit.jpg

Highlights of the new mount assembly kit:

ü  Have the versatility of using both the red dot sight and the scope simultaneously

ü  Faster target acquisition and improved accuracy

ü  Enable proper co-witnessing between the red dot sight and the riflescope's reticle

ü  Enhanced situational awareness of the surroundings while shooting

Available mounting options:

If your red dot sight is with a picatinny or weaver mount, then you can use the short picatinny rail on the ring. If your red dot sight is MOJ or MAG footprint, then just choose the right adapter.

Short Picatinny Rail on Red Dot Sight.jpg

 VecTalk: Gene’s Insight on the Frenzy Red Dot Sight!

In the latest episode of VecTalk, we invited Gene as our guest to discuss his insights on the Frenzy line of red dot sights. As a loyal customer and optics reviewer, Gene has tested multiple Frenzy red dot sights and has been amazed by their durability and compatibility. He highly recommends the Frenzy-X 1x22x26 red dot sight, which he uses on a daily basis. Gene has fired thousands of rounds with this model, and the red dot sight remains sharp and durable.

VecTalk- Frenzy Lines of Red Dot Sights.jpg

Our host, Pearl, also provided a sneak peek of the new upgrades to the Frenzy red dot sight: the Frenzy Plus 1x22x32 QD red dot sight and the Frenzy GenII red dot sight. Stay tuned for more information!

To watch the full video, please check out the link here:

And don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube Channel: Vector Optics, more episodes of VecTalk coming out in the future!

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