Spotting Scope Lines Introduction - Continental, Paragon, Forester

January 25th, 2024

Vector Optics offers a range of spotting scopes designed for various scenarios. The Continental, Paragon, and Forester spotting scope lines are the perfect choice for a variety of outdoor activities. Through this article you will know about their positioning differentiation.

Continental Spotting Scope:

Continental Spotting Scope.png

Continental series is our top line. It comes with reticle, which opens up more possibilities for the shooter to use. Can be used directly for ranging and aiming. For long-range observation and target shooting, the Continental line is the perfect choice. Whether you're a professional shooter or a passionate hobbyist, the Continental spotting scope will help you take your shooting skills to the next level.

Paragon Spotting Scope:

Paragon Spotting Scope.png

Paragon series is our premium line. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry on your outdoor adventures or shooting trips. Paragon spotting scopes are ideal for hunting, bird-watching and nature enthusiasts. Equipped with a wide field of view and excellent colour reproduction, these spotting scopes allow you to observe birds and other wildlife with stunning accuracy when shooting or hunting.

Forester Spotting Scope:

Forester Spotting Scope.png

Forester series is our entry-level line. It offers great performance at an affordable price. It is specifically designed for hunting and wildlife observation. With its rugged construction and advanced optics, it provides exceptional clarity and detail even in low-light conditions. Whether you're tracking game or observing elusive animals in their natural habitats, the Forester spotting scope will enhance your outdoor experience.

No matter which line you choose, Vector Optics guarantees exceptional performance and durability. Experience the difference with Vector Optics spotting scopes and elevate your shooting/hunting or outdoor observation experiences!

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