BAD News for Big Bull Elk

August 13th, 2020

I am happy to report the Continental scope performed perfectly on this elk hunt. In fact one of the hunters who had a $2,000 scope said he rather have continental scope instead.


I shot a bull Elk at 300 yards. The scope was great. The first day at camp after the airline travel, we all checked our scope sights at the range, many people needed to make adjustments after traveling but my scope was fine. During the hunt it also retained a perfect zero, it was bright and clear. The eye relief shooting the 375 Ruger was just fine.


With field hunting guns weight and size are issues.  When you carry a rifle all day, sometimes 30 KM in a day, every gram counts.  Craig really liked the Continental he tested and doesn’t think it is as oversized as many scopes.  So not only are the optics good but the size and weight are good too, and also the mechanical features of the turret adjustments are good too.


Mr. Gordon Marsh Jr, a worldwide experienced hunter with 50 years of shooting and hunting experience.

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