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June 29th, 2024

Greetings! Vector Optics is delighted to reveal our handpicked selection of optics for PRS shooting as well as an exciting new upgrade in our Frenzy-S line. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce a joint exhibition with our respected sub-brand, VictOptics, and Fijo Custom. Join us on this exciting journey!

Selected Optics for PRS Shooting

Ever thought about stepping into the thrilling world of long-range precision shooting? Welcome to Precision Rifle Series (PRS), an exhilarating and fast-growing sport that's all about hitting a series of metal targets scattered across different distances, all from various supported and unsupported positions. This dynamic sport pushes not only the shooter's skills to the limit but also brings their equipment into sharp focus, particularly their choice of optics.


When choosing optics for PRS shooting, what key features are necessary?

  • Variable Magnification Range: typically ranging from 5-25x or 6-24x

  • Long-Range Reticle: Christmas-tree or mil-dot reticle patterns in FFP.

  • Precise Adjustments: Tactical/exposed turrets with precise clicks and Zero-Stop function

  • Optical Clarity and Quality: High-quality glass and fully-multi-coated lenses

  • Durability: A rugged, reliable build that can withstand the rigors of competition.

What scopes from Vector Optics are highly recommended for PRS?

1. 34mm Continental FFP Riflescopes

The 34mm Continental FFP Riflescopes are an exceptional choice for Precision Rifle Series (PRS). Its 34mm Monotube design guarantees an astounding 90% light transmission, serving up crystal-clear, sharp target views even in the harshest of low-light conditions. The etched MIL reticle and Zero-Stop turret offer an unmatched precision that enables shooters to dial in rapid, pinpoint adjustments with ease. Plus the robust and rugged build, this line is fearlessly ready to weather the storm of any PRS competition.

2. Taurus GenII FFP Riflescopes

Another top-tier choice for PRS enthusiasts is our Taurus GenII FFP riflescopes. Its superior 34mm Monotube provides exceptional light transmission. The riflescope's ED glass and FMC lens enhance target visibility, while the 1/10 MIL adjustments and Zero-Stop deliver the rapid, exact alterations needed in PRS shooting. Boasting a finely etched MIL reticle, it offers sharp, high-definition images. With its compact design and a minimum focus of just 10 yards, it's incredibly flexible on the field.


New Upgrade in Frenzy-S Line!

In the market for a compact, lightweight red dot sight to elevate your optics-ready pistols? Check out our Frenzy-S line! Tailored for shooters who crave the perfect blend of portability, maneuverability, and unerring accuracy. Currently, our collection includes the Frenzy-S 1x17x24 red dot sights, available in vibrant red/green dot and sleek FDE color. And here's the thrilling part - we're soon unveiling two new cutting-edge models - the new Frenzy-S 1x17x21 and 1x19x28 models.

Key features that the new Frenzy-S red dot sights offer:

  • Aspheric Lens: Provides clear, undistorted images (SCRD-73)

  • 3 MOA Dot: Visible for precise aim.

  • Side-loading Battery: Maintains zero during changes

  • 1 MOA audible clicks: Allow for precision adjustments

  • Durability: 7075 aluminum alloy, can handle heavy recoil

  • Waterproof: IP67 waterproof and fog-proof

  • Motion Sensor: Automatically turns the dot on when it detects movement

  • MAG footprint: Great compatibility for multiple pistols

  • Lifetime warranty: All Frenzy line are covered

New Update in Frenzy-S (SCRD-66 & SCRD-73).png

Joint Exhibition for VictOptics and Fijo Custom

We are thrilled to announce that our sub-brand, VictOptics, will be joining hands with Fijo Custom for the upcoming Airsoft Encounter exhibition(2024/7/5-2024/7/7). This partnership will provide an excellent opportunity for airsoft shooters to try our optics offline and experience them in conjunction with Fijo Custom airsoft guns. We believe that the hands-on experience will offer valuable insights into the quality, precision, and reliability of our optics, enhancing your shooting experience significantly.


VictOptics' commitment to quality and performance goes hand in hand with Fijo Custom's reputation for exceptional airsoft guns. This joint exhibition will give you a unique opportunity to see how these two elements come together to create an unparalleled shooting experience.

We eagerly look forward to seeing you there at the Airsoft Encounter exhibition.  See you there!

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