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November 24th, 2020

Happy New Year & More

New Year’s Day is actually a pretty popular holiday in our country, especially in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, you can see the celebrations everywhere.


New Year’s Day is celebrated pretty similarly between China and America, like midnight count down and giving gifts. No matter who the object is, it is necessary to present gifts with both hands. Well, it’s considered very polite.

A good riflescope at any price would be a great gift. During Christmas, many Vector scopes are preferred as a gift, like Forester 1-5x24 & Maverick 1x22.


There are so many cool ways to celebrate the holidays in our country, you’re sure to have a great time during this time of year if you happen to be in a large Chinese city.

New 30mm OP Picatinny Mount

Mount length 146mm (5.7"), rings gap 57mm (2.2"), extra light 150g (5.3oz). 


35mm (1.25") Height from Bottom to Ring Center, 6 Screws per Ring, Skeletonized, 3 Crossing Bolts.

For more details, please click the picture above.

Fury Gen Red Dot Sight

Length 46mm (1.8"), weight 56g (2.0oz), IPX6 water proof (2 meters more than 20 minutes).


water resistence.jpg

Excellent for rapid-shooting and moving target, 3 MOA dot size and 8 levels red dot with 2 levels NV.

For more details, please click the picture above.

2019 Shot Show in Las Vegas

The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is an industry event sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF.) It brings together manufacturers, distributers and retailers to get a jump on what the new year has in store for the firearms market.

This is the 7th consecutive year that Vector Optics has participated in shot show, our booth number is 106. At the same time, our new brand Victoptics has signed up for it and booth number is N137.

We have prepared many new products for the first time, such as the new Vantage riflescopes, IPX6 water proof red dot sight and 11 levels solar power red dot sight.


Welcome to Vector Optics SHOT Show 2019 Stage.

Vector Optics Continental Scopes General Review


A Good Riflescope at Any Price!

A few weeks ago, my buddy Gordon Marsh of Wholesale Hunter sent samples of the new Continental riflescope line from Vector Optics. In the sport optics business for more than a decade, Vector Optics offers extensive lines of scopes, sights, rangefinders, red-dot sights, and more. Their new Continental riflescopes are their “top of the line” scopes, manufactured offshore (which keeps prices down) using good German glass. Honestly, I didn’t expect to be as satisfied or impressed as I am!


With Optics, You Get What You Pay For

As with sporting rifles, riflescopes have improved dramatically in optics, features, and reliability from when I first started hunting as a kid. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, both rifles and optics are more consistent and more accurate than ever before.

When it comes to optics, I genuinely believe you get what you pay for. Riflescopes run the gamut from just a few bucks up into the thousands. Really inexpensive scopes are to be avoided if possible. Optical clarity comes from good lenses and coatings, and they are costly. Construction matters, too; the most inexpensive scopes will have inconsistent adjustments and are more subject to failure under recoil, which is the riflescope’s greatest enemy. The most expensive, premium brands are really good and worth the investment, but when you get into the rarified air of the very best optics, the superiority becomes more subtle and more difficult to distinguish. The good news, though, is there are lots of very medium-priced scopes that are quite good!

Almost all of us have some budgetary limits, but we want good equipment we can trust. When counting pennies, my best advice would be to spring for a less expensive rifle and top it with a good scope. The riflescope has nothing to do with how accurate your rifle is, and everything to do with how well you shoot it!


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