Approaching Vector Optics March News & Tips

August 13th, 2020

IWA Canceled ?!!

March is generally stable and orderly to Vector Optics, most of our colleagues returned to their job maintaining our normal business hours! The only regret is that the IWA Show originally scheduled to be held in Germany from March 6th to 9th has been delayed and latter canceled. We are very sorry to all the consumers who expect to see us at the IWA Show. Although this is a pity, the health, safety and wellbeing of our team members and our consumers is our NO.1 priority. Please keep healthy, look forward to meeting you at next year's IWA Show!


A Must For Your Outdoor Shooting!

Recently, we have launched a series of new products! I’d like to focus on the tripod!

  • 80cm 31" Folded, 

  • 188cm 74" Extended, 

  • Ball Bearing Socket Connector, 

  • 1KG 35.3oz Weight

  • Max Load 15kg 53oz, 

  • Aluminum, QD Level Lock

Its folded size is very portable, and the extended size is suitable for various shooting positions like sitting, standing and kneeling position.

As shown on the left, it can match almost all rifles with the shooting gun rest and make shooting easier!

The series also includes Monopod, Bipod, Tripod, Binocular Rest Tray, Shooting Gun Rest, aiming to make all shooters more convenient and accurate in shooting.

It won’t be long before you can have it, plz looking forward!

You can also order them now by contacting!

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:

枪架 5.jpg

FULL Field of View or FULL ‘View of Field’?


Q: Using a super thin edge-to-edge scope means wider field of view?

A: For SOME of so-called edge-to-edge scopes, the answer is NO.

Q: Oh, how can I tell them? 

A: We can see it clearly in the pictures.

Picture 1 shows the situation of obtaining a clear edge-to-edge image when the eye relief is 95mm (3.8inch).

But on Picture 2 when the eye relief shorten to 80mm (3.1inch), the field of view becomes WIDER. 

Q: Oh yes, I noticed that. How can that happen?

A: The reason is although some thin edge scopes can provide you a full clear sight picture that will fill your eyepiece entirely, they will also sacrifice some field of view around the edge and block a part of the reticle.

Q: I see. What this situation will affect my shooting when I use these scopes? 

A: It means these thin edge-to-edge scopes provide a SMALLER field of view than the ordinary ones. This will put you at a disadvantage when searching for the target especially at the low magnification.

Q: Thanks for the explanation. I now understand the situation behind it.

A: You are welcome. As a serious shooter you need a serious scope, aren’t you?


Vector Optics Live Show RELOADED!!

How long haven’t you seen Vector Optics’ live show! Since 2019, we have introduced our products to all fans through live show on Facebook once a week until Covid-19 broke this habit. But now, we are back!! Our latest live show is about Rubber Cover Maverick red dot scope!

If you have never seen our live show, follow our Facebook: Vector Optics and get more helpful information!

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