Approaching Vector Optics July News & Tips

August 13th, 2020

Slow and steady wins the race---July

Why you need 1x power scope for shooting?

Many less experienced shooters tend to buy more magnification than they need, in fact, for most practical purposes, a low power scope is adequate. A 1x optical scope is much more useful in shooting than you thought.

A true 1x scope is popular in fast shooting. Cause using a high magnification scope will make you difficult to find the target in a close range. A 1x power scope is a good choice in this situation.

Using a 1x scope in close range shooting, once you find the target, you can shoot as fast as you can, you don’t need to spend extra time on finding target or to aim at it.

In addition, it is possible to shoot with both eyes open like a red dot. You can share both eyes image, to make aim easier.


Some of you may ask why don't we just use the iron sight?

Just like I said, the biggest advantage of 1x scope is quick search and quick aim. Use the iron sight you need to keep one of your eyes, the iron sight and the target in one line, use the scope you just need to aim through center of the cross hair which will save much more time.


What's more, the image we see through the scope is much clearer than we see through our naked eyes just like Picture 1, It's so clear just like the HD camera photo.

On choosing the 1x scope. There are so many different kinds of 1x scopes as picture 2 shown like 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-8. The higher magnification, the harder for production and more distortion may happen. What’s certain is that, don't take magnification as the only standard, choose depend on your actual situation.


Many so-called 1x scopes we can find on the market is not exactly 1x. Most of them are 1.1x or higher magnification although they are marked as 1x scopes. 

A good 1x optical scope should be: Little distortion at 1x power; edge to edge image; long eye relief >4"(100mm) at 1x power; excellent contrast; great light transmission and so on.

Another thing need to speak of is when you use an excellent 1x optical scope both eyes open, the image you see through the scope with one of your eyes and the image you see through your naked eye must be coincident ; on the contrast, a poor 1x scope can't do that, which will make you feel uncomfortable or even dizzy like Picture 3 shows.


Cause 1x scope is always shorter than high magnification scope. It is quite suitable for AR Carbine & compact Rifle.

Size and weight are other good features for 1x optical scopes. Light weight and compact size can make you easier during a long time shooting.


Gunpany is coming --Choose a good gun and leave the rest to us!

We now newly established a new brand Gunpany which mainly deals with the products for gun cleaning, maintenance, installation and supplementary like Fiber Sights, Snap Caps, Cleaning kits, Bench Mat and some other assembly tools.

Gunpany is consist of "gun" and "company". The name was inspired by the idea of guarding and accompanying guns. Gunpany aims to produce and sell various accompanying products for guns.

Gunpany's logo has been designed for more than ten versions before being finalized. The final logo consists of four bullets arranged in the shape of a cross, which echoes the meaning of the brand name: protection and companion.

Our aim is to provide you and your guns with all the products you need to help you better preserve your guns, prolong their lives and make their shooting more convenient.

Choose a good gun and leave the rest to us!

Make everything more accurate, you need a rangefinder!

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have introduced two new rangefinders, here are some simple parameters.


One is Paragon 6x25, its range is up to 1500 Yards and equipped with easy read High Transmissive LCD display to provide you with high-definition images. 

The Red OLED display of Forester 6x21 allows you to use the rangefinder in dusk, early morning or any environment with low visibility. The range is up to 850 Yards, it is more than enough for golf and hunting. By the way, both of Forester 6x21 and Paragon 6x25 have golf mode.

As the new rangefinders launched by VE, they also contains continuous scan mode which can help you to track one or more targets without stop, while pinseeker technology can accurately measure overlapping subjects.  The housing material is plastic with rubber molded which can offer rain guard feature.

I believe they can meet your different requirements! What a pity is these two products are not in stock, but they will be available around October.

If you are interested in these two brand-new rangefinder and want to make a reservation or what to know more about them you can contact to place the order and it won't be long before you can get more information of them on our official website!

Halfway through 2020, how did Vector Optics perform?

Use one word to describe the first half year of Vector Optics is Progress. We are proud to tell you that Vector Optics' turnover reaches 4 million US dollars in the first half of 2020 which is a great progress for Vector Optics.

Not only did we move to a new office, but we established several sub brands. Our products have become more serialized and standardized.


In the aspect of new product development, thanks to the feedback from customers, our new product development become more handy. A large part of the new products have received favorable comments from customers, like Sentinel-X, 34mm Continental and so on.


It is the support of consumers that has enabled us to achieve sales of 4 million US dollars which also lead to a problem---the delay of order shipment.

At present, all our production and QC are in full capacity and operation. Our assembling workshop and raw material factories work at least 12 hours per day. And every month they only have one day rest.

Moreover, most of our products, especially for the expensive scopes, we do inspect each of them to minimize its defective rate which takes extra time before shipping.

We do apologize to this delay but we would rather delay delivery than sacrifice product quality. This is our attitude. Thank you all for choosing and believing in Vector Optics, and we will keep moving forward!

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