Really? A Top High End 34MM FFP Scope w/ Zero-Stop Lower Than Euro 700?!

August 28th, 2020

Today we have a special product in the spotlight today: new Vector Optics Continental 34mm First Focal Plane Scope. You can get 1-6x28, 3-18x50, 4-24x56 and 5-30x56 with our special promotion event.

Continental 34mm FFP.jpg

The optics utilizes German Schott HD Glass. LaREE Lens & VePRO FMC ensure Light Transmission reaches 90%. The excellent lens material and optics system deliver the super diamond clear image with very little distortion and extra-low dispersion supporting you can shoot at down, dusk and even night at any range shooting.


Why need to spend more than Euro 1800 for a same quality 34mm FFP scope? Aha, if you buy today, you can have following accessories for FREE, which total value reaches Euro 100!

Metal flip-up caps (only for 50mm and 56mm objective lens)

Power Ring Throw Level

Anti Cantilever Mount

Big Side Focus Wheel


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VO Continental 34mm FFP Combo 2.jpg

Product Unboxing Video at YouTube:

See Vector Optics complete Continental 34mm product lines

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