Most Benchrest Shooters Ignored ‘It’ During Their Competition, And You?

September 04th, 2020

There is growing interest in benchrest shooting in recent years. In airgun competitions, the longest range reaches 250 meters, shooters use extremely expensive and accurate airgun and scopes. Well, competitions under 100 meters are still a mainstream, meanwhile, 25m benchrest shooting is the most popular.

Nearly all benchrest events allow riflescopes, therefore precision optics are required and what’s more critical is using an appropriate reticle. 

Based on the Target dimensions provided by World Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Federation, Vector Optics designed a brand new reticle for those who participate in, or want to participate in, rimfire & air rifle benchrest competitions at 25 meters.

Since high magnification scopes are generally preferred, scope magnifications up to 40×, 50×, 60× or higher are widely used.

But why not use a specific reticize to optimize your shooting? Let me introduce the new VE Sentinel 10-40x50 X with S.E.A reticle. This reticle is used at 40× magnification and applied to 25m benchrest shooting. The center dot size is just 1mm, therefore the 39mm diameter target can be totally locked within the reticle, as picture 1 shown. 

Wanna make a leap in benchrest competition? Try this scope with S.E.A reticle.

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