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September 11th, 2020

As the tree, so the fruit ---------- August

Vector Optics’ annual trip in 2020 came to the beautiful Inner Mongolia to celebrated the 13th anniversary of Vector Optics.

Dominated by the Mongolian nationality, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located on the northern frontier of China. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region occupies an area of 1.18 million square kilometers and has a population of about 20 million people. It is the widest province of China by its latitude, and the third largest Chinese Province.

8月 配图.jpg

During the five-day holiday, we rode horses, try the glider, ate local ethnic cuisine, and enjoyed the grassland scenery which was quite different from the city. 

When it comes to eat, there are many delicacies in Inner Mongolia, among which mutton is the most famous. As for the cooking method of mutton, Chinese people like mutton kebabs best.

Mutton kebab is made up with lamb, and it's in a barbecue way, it doesn't taste greasy.

When it comes to barbecue, there is a big difference between Chinese and western barbecues.


Western barbecue is usually a way for families and friends to get together, and members prepare ingredients for barbecue. 

Chinese people usually go to a grill to have barbecue. All food will be served on the table after cooking, and can be enjoyed directly.

In terms of food, western barbecue likes to barbecue whole pieces of meat, such as pork chops or a whole chicken while all ingredients in Chinese barbecue are cut into small pieces in advance and string on bamboo sticks.

Moreover, there are many novel ingredients in China. Let's introduce some of them below.



Besides the above four kinds, there are many special cuisines in China. They just look terrible, but in fact they are all delicious. Do you dare to try them?

More importantly, we celebrated the 13th anniversary of Vector Optics.

In 2007, Vector Optics was founded with full of passion. Thirteen years later, VE is still here and getting better and better. Vector Optics' achievements today cannot be separated from the support of you.

In 2020, Vector Optics will grow in the process of change. From concept to design, from trial to practice, we will keep moving forward !


Your solid partner ------ Rokstad


As the new brand under the operation of Vector Optics, Rokstad specializes in shooting system. Main products cover Monopod, Bipod, Tripod, Gun-rest and many other auxiliary supplies.

“Rokstad” consists of two parts, “Rock” and “Stand”. “Rock” is the concept that this brand has always adhered to---be firm and indestructible like rock. “Stand”, the state Rokstad always stick to, represents the superior stability of our products.

All in all, Rockstad is committed to providing you with stable, firm, and guaranteed products to enhance your shooting experience.

Now, Rokstad products are available on our official online website, more informations can be found on

Better start, Rokstad!

First Focal Plane scope or Second Focal Plane scope--(2)

As we all know it is the different position of the reticle lead to the differences between FFP&SFP. These differences lead to their different pros & cons.

For First Focal Plane scope, reticle changes when magnification adjusted, so on lower magnifications the reticle may shrink and become hard to use like Picture 2.


For SFP, the reticle always remain the same size. In that case, once you adjust to the different magnification, you need to do extra calculation for shooting. This may waste your time or lead to mistakes at critical moments.

The complete article can be found on In addition, there are many other popular science posts, welcome to visit.

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