There is no so-called luck, only absolute effort---November

March 24th, 2021

Feast in November---Super-Sale Event!

How was your November? To Vector Optics it’s exhausted but rewarding.

Let's take a look at the performance of the Big Sale.

In just 6 minutes from the start of the event, the sales of one store on AliExpress exceeded $10,000!


In the hunting and optical fields, two of VE's four stores were ranked the first and the second, respectively, among all AliExpress stores.


The orders we shipped in first day reached 1,100 pcs, and there were so many packages to send out, so they had to pile up in the hallway.

The total orders during the promotion reached 3000 pcs, even with such a high volume of shipments, we carried out quality inspection on each product before they are shipped. In order to have customer receive their orders as soon as possible, Vector Optics QC and Logistic engineers worked selflessly day and night to ship out all the packages in only 5 days!

If you missed it, don’t worry, you can join another promotion on December 12th!  Don’t miss it again!



The hardest people behind this promotion were Zucker and his team. The retail department, a total of 7 people, worked around the clock for two weeks, from prep to the final promotion, just to make sure the sale went off without a hitch. Zucker, as head of the retail department, even went on processing orders after only sleeping for two hours one day.

To celebrate and to relax, the entire company went to a buffet! At the buffet dinner, we toasted together to celebrate the success of the promotion. We, especially Stephen and Zucker, chatted with glasses of wine and bragged a lot. 

All in all, thanks for everyone’s effort which brings such a good time. 

Full-featured rangefinders for more than just shooting


As the new products of November, these 2 brand new GenⅡ range finders aroused much attention. 

Paragon 6x25’s ranging distance is 5-1760 Yards. Its High Transmissive LCD screen can provide a clear and vivid image.

Forester 6x21’s ranging distance is 6-850 Yards. It has Red OLED screen which allows you to use it in low light conditions and read the data at night.


These two models can fit most needs. Furthermore, both of them have Pin-Lock, Angle, Vertical, Horizontal, and Scan mode which can measure sight distance, horizontal distance, relative height ,and angle. So they can not only be used for outdoor sports like hunting and golf but can use in geology, architecture, real estate, and so many other areas.


The view of the target is bright, clear and sharp. They are smaller in size but yet you are still able to keep a steady hand.

If you like them, you can join VE 12/12 promotion! More information about them can be found on Place the order can go to our official online website

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:

November New Products Quick browsing

VO Frenzy Polymer 1x16x22 AUT Acom 1.jpg

Frenzy Red Dot Riser Mount Shield Acom 12.jpg

25.4mm 1 in. One Piece Offset Picatinny Mount Acom 1.jpg

Victoptics AGN 6-24x50 Acom 3.jpg

VO AT Minotaur 12-60x60 Acom 3.jpg

ELP V Mount Tripod Acom 9.jpg

Victoptics SPX 1x22 Acom 3.jpg

30mm One Piece Picatinny Mount TPR Acom 4.jpg

VO AT Mustang 1-4x30 Acom 3.jpg

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