Best of luck in the new year---------December

March 29th, 2021

A small warm party for the New Year


Although Christmas is not a legal holiday in China, it is everywhere as it approaches. Not only will all the decorations in the mall be changed to festival-related ones, but many young people will also hold this activities.

Although Chinese people usually celebrate the Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival, New Year's Day (January 1) is considered as one of the traditional Chinese holidays. Since Christmas and Chinese New Year's Day are only five days apart, Vector Optics threw a party to celebrate the new year.
The party was a rare opportunity for all of our employees to play games together, do voice-overs for movies and TV shows, make team debate,and have a quiz trivia contest.

Of course we exchanged gifts with each other. The method of exchange was completely random, everyone drew a card from Stephen and received the corresponding gift according to the suit of the card.

The party was both relaxed and enjoyable throughout, it was in this atmosphere that we said goodbye to 2020 and welcome to 2021.

All in all, may the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love!

Get one Prism scope for better shooting experience!

Prism scopes are becoming increasingly popular as an option between traditional scopes and red dots. As a scope, it has a great advantage in terms of size and especially length. 

Compared to the red dot, that's even more so. Besides the magnification, prism scope not only has an etched glass reticle which can provide more sophisticated BDC reticle but has better image quality as the picture shows follows.

3 直播棱镜瞄测距仪对比图-01.jpg

The excellent performance in the picture is from Vector Optics latest prism scope -- Calypos 1x30. In addition to 1 power, there is also Calypos 3x32 offering 3 zoom magnification available.


Prism scopes are widely used in CQB for their compact size and superior practicality. So why not get one prism scope for close-up or fast-action shooting?

You can place the order on our official online website or get more information about the product if feel tempted.

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:

A quiet snow falling night

There is an old Chinese saying that ‘Rui Xue Zhao Feng Nian’ means that the timely winter snow foretells a good harvest in the coming year,  in ancient times, snow was an good omen for the coming year. Nowadays, people still look forward to snowing.

The climate in Shanghai is relatively warm, and the coldest time in winter is only a few degrees below zero, so snow is rare for Shanghai. However, on the last day of 2020, the snow fell quietly in the middle night.


The snow that night was sleet, and the heat from the rising sun didn't leave a trace of snow. Although most people did not see the snow with their own eyes, it did not stop them from being happy when they learned that it was snowing. 

The snow fell without leaving a trace, just like 2020, and before we knew it we were saying goodbye. It is like the last gift left to us in 2020, as the proverb says, heralding a smooth and beautiful 2021.

December New Products Quick browsing

VO Minotaur GenII Acom reticle.jpg

VO Minotaur 10-50x60 GenII Acom 3 (1).jpg

34mm One Piece 20MOA Mount  ACOM 3.jpg

Maverick Low Dovetail Mount Acom 6-1 (1).jpg

Kun 10-40x50AO Acom 3 (1).jpg

Constantine 1-8x24FFP Acom 3 (1).jpg

Orion 4-16x44 Acom 3 (1).jpg

Nylon Mesh CAP BLK Acom 6 (1).jpg

GPCK-4P 4 Double Side Picks acom 5 (1).jpg

GPGC-3B2P 3 Brushes 2 Picks Acom 5 (1).jpg

AR15 M16 Cleaning Kit Pouch Acom 3-1 (1).jpg

GPGC-A19B 19 Pcs Cleaning Kit Acom 7 (1).jpg

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