Look back as well as forward----January

February 19th, 2021

Notice of Chinese New Year holiday

Vector Optics will have this year's Chinese New Year holiday from February 11 to 17 in the Gregorian calendar, during this period there will be a suspension of shipping, but Vector Optics will not stop our service, feel free to contact us with any questions or needs. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year.

In China although we do not have firearms, we have fireworks. Every Chinese New Year, on New Year's Eve, people set off fireworks at exactly 12:00AM to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

About nine countries in the Asian region have made Lunar New Year an official holiday including South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, which are part of the Chinese cultural circle. 

There are also many countries that do not have Chinese New Year but will hold some Chinese New Year-themed activities. Hope one day your country will also have Chinese New Year holidays and enjoy the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year together.


How to Choose a Pistol Red Dot Sight? ----Frenzy-S

As the latest launched red dot from Vector Optics, the most different characteristic of Frenzy-S AUT 16x22 is it's POLYMER housing material. Due to the different material, the weight is only 12.4g (0.44oz), lighter than two one-euro coins, Frenzy-S AUT is possibly the lightest red dot on the market.


The sight has an automatic light sensor and can reach 50,000 hours of runtime for weakest visible dot. Dot size is 3MOA,the total adjustment range more than 45MOA. Clear image and free parallax at 50 yards. And undoubtedly, it is designed for real firearms like all other Vector Optics products.

basic specification-01-01.jpg

How to Know its durability? We did extreme temperature test, drop test and recoil test through live stream on facebook, Frenzy-S AUT kept working as always on. The performance of the polymer red dot is fully capable of responding the extreme environments and unexpected situations encountered in daily use. Frenzy series red dot consistent excellent quality combined with polymer material brings ultra-light weight brings a new experience of use.



Frenzy-S Polymer Pistol Red Dot Sight is now fully available for pre-order. Relevant test videos can be viewed on the official youtube channel Vector Optics Online, graphic reviews and more product information can be found on the official website www.vectoroptics.com.

Not only Happy Birthday but also Happy January!

In Roman legend, a patron saint named Janus is the god of beginnings and endings. He opened the gates of the sky every day to let the sun shine on the earth, and closed them at dusk, and night fell. He was born with two faces, one looking back to the past and one looking forward to the future, for which January was named.

January straddles the New Year and the Old Year, marking both the end of the Old Year and the beginning of the New Year. VE has four employees born in such a meaningful month, so let's get to know them.

生日-01 (1).jpg

Happy Birthday to them. May they, like Janus, look back as well as forward to the future and reap even more in the new year.

Do you need faster shipping? Sure, we can!

Good News!Vector Optics proudly presents that our new logistic operation center will open early march!

Previously, Vector Optics' retail orders and wholesale orders were shipped together in the same department and warehouse. The warehouse has an area of 600 square meters and we are currently doing some simple renovations to ensure that it will be ready for use in March. 

仓库 (1).jpg

2020 is a year full of opportunities and challenges. Under the global epidemic environment, there is a shortage of supplies in various industries, and we are no exception. Faced with the dramatic expansion of demand, our inventory management system is gradually revealing problems.

And now the new logistics operation center can not only share the current delivery pressure, but the new inventory system has also made a qualitative leap in management. 

Shipping wholesale orders separately from retail orders can speed up delivery especially for wholesale orders. Vector Optics wants to avoid the occurrence of delayed deliveries and split deliveries as much as possible and we always strive to provide better services and this is one of the steps we did. 

January New & Update Products Quick browsing

Constantine 1-8x24SFP Acom 3-01 (1).jpg

OPSL21 ZOD 1-4x24IR-01 (1).jpg

图片2 (1).jpg

Continental Scope Big Side Wheel Acom 4-3-01 (1).jpg

-40、45 S&W Snap Cap Acom 1-01 (1).jpg

图片3 (1).jpg

图片4 (1).jpg

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