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March 24th, 2021

The Year of the Ox is here!

The year 2021 has long since arrived, but the Year of the Ox will not arrive until after the Chinese New Year. Ox is one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs which are the twelve animals that match the twelve earthly branches to the year of a person's birth in China.


There are many ways to say the origin of the Chinese zodiac, but in the end it all has to do with animal worship. Because of ox farming, the Chinese people have become deeply attached to the ox, attaching such excellent qualities to them as being honest and hardworking, and not asking for returns.

Arguably, 2021 as the Year of the Ox is also a year to work hard. Let's go for it!

Tuanyuan----Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. The festival features a series of traditional folk activities such as eating Tangyuan, solving riddles on the lanterns, and setting off fireworks. To meet the festive mood, Vector Optics held a small riddle-guessing event at the company.




We hung the lanterns on the wall with a riddle under each one. Everyone could guess the riddle on the lantern and get a coupon if they got it right. 

There are also many kinds of vouchers: 

Late coupon: Tardiness within 10 minutes can be forgiven;

Lunch break coupon: Extra 30 minutes for lunch break; Coffee voucher: A cup of coffee made by Stephen, etc. 

To get these coupons everyone pulled out all the stops.

Of course, we ate Tangyuan, the traditional food of the Lantern Festival. 

The texture of the dumplings is soft and sticky. Traditional dumplings are white, while the new style dumplings are colorful. There is a wide variety of fillings. Sweet fillings, usually preferred by northern Chinese while salty fillings preferred by southern Chinese. 



In Chinese, the pronunciation of Tangyuan is similar to the word Tuanyuan, which has the meaning of reunion and happiness. In the company, all employees taste Tangyuan together, which is Tuanyuan.

Scrapper 1x25--- High-end Features & Affordable Price

As a beginner, you may find it difficult to select a red dot sight because of the big price gap between different products. Some budget red dot sights are only tens of dollars while some high-end red dot sights' price can be up to 800 dollars.

Why there is a so big price gap between different products? How to know it is a high-end red dot sight? What can a high-end red dot sight provide you? 

2 (1).jpg

3 (1).jpg

Scrapper 1x25, a good price choice if you want a high-end red dot sight, let's know it from the specification first.

  • >50,000 Hours Battery Runtime,  IP67 Water Proof, Parallax<1 MOA

  • Direct Bulb 2MOA Dot Size without Flicker, 8 Levels Dot Intensity & 2 NV Dot Intensity

  • Motion sensor, 2 minutes auto shut-off, smart awake feature even slight moving

  • 1MOA Adjustment with Audible Click, More Than 45MOA Adjustment Range

  • With Low & Riser Picatinny Weaver Mount, Absolute Co-witness, w/ Rubber Lens Cap

What is ‘direct bulb/diaphragm’ red dot sight?

According to the light source, reflect sight can be divided into direct bulb red dot and diaphragm red dot. Diaphragm is the traditional red dot light source technology, while the direct bulb technology is more advanced.

Both of them have a built-in light source in the red dot, the built-in light source of the direct red dot is a very small lamp bead, by projecting the light source directly on the lens to form the red dot, the size of the lamp bead determines the size of the red dot on the lens.

In contrast, the built-in light source of the diaphragm type red dot is large and scattered, and the size of the red dot is controlled by covering the light source with a film with a small hole, which we call it diaphragm. The larger the hole in the diaphragm, the larger the size of the red dot, and vice versa, the smaller.


What is the advantage of direct bulb?

Since the light source of the diaphragm red dot is diffuse, the brightness of the red dot projected onto the lens through the small hole is various on different position of the lens and usually strongest in the center of the lens, and when aiming at the target through the edge of the lens, it becomes dim or even disappears.


The brightness of the red dot of the direct bulb is maintained at its strongest regardless of the position on the lens, minimizing the limitation of the use of the red dot. When the lens is partially broken or covered by mud stains, you can use the intact part to aim; in extreme weather such as snow and sand, the red dot always remains strong and bright to ensure the shooting experience; for rapid shooting, you can also aim at the target through the edge of the lens instead of using the center dot.


In addition to this feature, we did relative tests on Scrapper 1x25 based on its specifications. One of the test is waterproof test. Being put under one meter deep water for over 30mins, Scrapper still works well. In frozen test, Scrapper 1x25 keeps working at -20℃/-4℉ for over one hour.


Besides these 2 tests, we also did screw torque test, extreme high temperature test, shockproof test and parallax test. All the tests have been shown in the live stream on the official Facebook account: Vector Optics (, video and text versions will be online soon. 

Kind of interested in Scrapper 1x25? Go to Vector Optics official online website to place the order or get more information. 

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:

February New & Update Products Quick browsing

OPSL2223 1-6x24-01.jpg

MAG Polymer Riser Mount Acom 9.jpg



1x30 RGD Acom 1.jpg

40 S&W Snap Cap Acom 1.jpg

Lens Cleaning Wipes Acom 1.jpg


Vekt DefenseM-LOK Carbon Fiber 7"&15" Slim Free Float Handguard

7.5" (190mm) Length, 1.6" (41mm) Slim Outer Profile, 1.35″ (34mm) Inside Diameter, 2mm Thickness

15.0" (381mm) Length, 1.6" (41mm) Slim Outer Profile, 1.35″ (34mm) Inside Diameter, 2mm Thickness

UD Middle Layer Covered with 3K Surface Layers, Steel or Aluminum Alloy Barrel Nut (hard anodizing)

All M-LOK Cutout in 8 Facet, Precision Machined from Real Carbon Fiber Material, Extreme Light Weight

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