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July 01th, 2021

Sports day on a workday is the best day!


Thanks to the power outage, the 2021 Vector Optics Sports Meet was held on Tuesday, March 23rd. Unlike normal sports meets, there were no running, long jumping, or relay events at all. Instead, there were curling, sandbag throwing, pitch-pot game, and frisbee games.

Curling is an aristocratic sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice toward a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles. Curling is not very popular in China, and most of us were playing curling for the first time, but that didn't stop us from being enthusiastic. Everyone was divided into two teams, to play against each other.


In addition to curling, the other three events: sandbag throwing, pitch-pot game, and Frisbee are all traditional Chinese folk games. In particular, the pitch-pot game is a traditional game played in ancient China when entertaining guests in which the winner was decided by the number of arrows thrown into a distant pot.


Although the venue and props were rudimentary, everyone was excited about these traditional game events. Not only because the desire to win or lose due to the competition made people more involved, but also because we were here for a rare leisure time. The video recording of the day can be seen on youtube! → 


2021 Vector Optics Brand Ambassador Program


Are you a Firearms Instructor,  Content creator,  Veteran, or just a shooting enthusiast? It doesn't matter your profession, gender, or nationality, as long as you love shooting and have an insight into the shooting field, you're the one we're looking for!

Vector Optics has now started a Brand Ambassador Program! This is program is to thank those who have been providing support to Vector Optics and helping us improve!

As a Vector Optics Brand Ambassador, here are your "perks"

1. Purchase products 50% off under the brand you apply

2. Get exclusive inside information such as test unreleased new products in advance

3. Customized product privileges including engraving on the scope, custom colors, custom turret caps

4. Personal introduction shown on Vector Optics official website

5. Free exclusive brand ambassador gift package per year


If you meet a few of the following requirements, all the better!

1. Have a strong sense of brand identity for Vector Optics.

2. Have an active social media accounts related to the shooting field which can output content

3. Have a certain understanding and relevant experience in the shooting field

4. Have purchased Vector Optics products and used them in shooting activities or competitions

5. Have shared and promoted Vector Optics products on any social media platform


Becoming a brand ambassador is not an easy task! You need to...

1. Follow VE related social platform accounts and actively interact with them to enhance the brand identity

2. Actively share VE products on social media platforms, help to expand our potential customer base

3. Provide us with photos, videos and other original content of VE products on a regular basis

4. Continuously provide valuable feedback on our products and services to help VE grow

Not limited to this, we welcome you to promote and support VE in other ways as well!


Kind of interested?Don't hesitate anymore!

Catch the chance and click the link below to apply: 

Once you apply, we will review it and inform you of the result as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting VE Brand Ambassador Program.

Impressive 1-6 LPVO ----VICTOPTICS S6

There is a scope that has been making a bit of a splash lately. If you've been following Vector Optics, you'll know that this scope is  Victoptics S6 1-6x24.


It started when YouTuber 704 TACTICAL posted a review video of the Victoptics S6 1-6x24( to our surprise, we sold over 160 pcs on our official online retail site that night.

Not anticipating the spike in sales, we even ended up selling more than the number of units available in stock.


Why exactly did this 1-6x24 gain popularity? Let's take a look at its highlight feature.

ü True 6x Zoom Factor, Edge-to-Edge Image without Inside Dark Ring Around Image

ü 30mm Monotube Made of 6061 T6, True 1x Power That Can Use Two Eyes Open For Shooting

ü 1/5 MIL Adjustment w/ Zero Reset & Turret Lock Features,

ü Fully-multi Coated, Wide Field of View, 101mm 4.0" Long Eye Relief, Red & Green Illumination

ü Etched Glass VI-CTSIX MIL Reticle Center Dot & Circle Illuminated with Digital Lines and Dots

ü Burnt Brown Anodizing Finish or Black Matte Finish


S6 has a 6x zoom factor and allows shoot with two eyes open at 1x. For the adjustment, it has zero reset and turret lock function. Its reticle is Christmas tree style with horseshoe, the horseshoe and the center dot has red & green illumination. There are 2 options on the color: coyote FDE and matte black. With these wonderful features, S6s price of matte black is only $129!

S6 is now available for pre-order, the shipment will around the end of April. More details of Victoptics S6 1-6x24 can be found on Vector Optics official website , you can also watch the the review video in the link above.

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:

March New & Update Products Quick browsing


Vector Optics Frenzy-S 1x17x24 AUT

Extreme Light weight 18.4g (0.65oz), 3MOA Dot Size, 8 Levels & 2 NV Red Dot, Slim & Low Profile, Snag-Free Design

Automatic Light Sensor, MAG Footprint Compatible for RMSc Footprint

Window Size 17x24mm 0.7x0.9", 1" 25.4mm Width, 24mm / 0.9" Height

>50,000 Hours Battery Runtime for Weakest Visible Dot, IPX6 Water Proof


Grizzly 3-12x56SFP Riflescope Return

30mm Monotube, Fully Multi Coated

Edge-to Edge Image, 4" Long Eye Relief, Heavy Duty

Capped 1/4 MOA Adjust, Etched German #4 Reticle

Illuminated, Sunshade & Flip-up Caps


X-Accu 34mm High Profile One Piece Mount20MOA Available

40mm 1.6" Bottom to Ring Center,

Extremely Accurate w/ Full CNC Machined

21mm Picatinny Mount w/ 3 Crossing Bolts & Anti-Retreat Rings


Riflescope Big Side Wheel

Made of Aluminum Alloy, Pentagon Cutout

7mm 0.3" Width, Light Weight

100mm 4.0" Outer Diameter

35mm 1.3" Inside Diameter w/ Rubber Sleeve

Fit for VI 4-16x & 6-24x etc


Gunpany 1.0 Inch Swivels

Loop Length  26mm 1.0"

Made of Steel

Lock and Unlock Feature with Threaded Sleeve

One Pair with Stud Kit

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