Courage Is Grace Under Pressure-----2021 July Newsletter

August 12th, 2021

Congratulation to Brazil Brand Ambassador Eurico and Tamara!

In the recently concluded Brazilian IPSC Championship in JulyVector Optics two Brazilian ambassadors , Eurico Auler and Tamara Auler, each achieved excellent results. Eurico Auler won the champion of the fourth stage of the Brazilian Championship and Tamara was vice champion ladies.


As professional IPSC athletes, they have been helping to promote Vector Optics with their professional knowledge and abilities since they became ambassadors. Appreciate them for their efforts and may they always enjoy the charm of IPSC competition.

Why we need lens coating?

image.pngCoating is extremely important for image quality. Without a coating, each side of the glass loses about 4%-6% of its light transmission, which could be a 30%-40% loss of light transmission for a high-end side focus scope with total 13-14 pieces of lens which is a great loss! 

Generally, more layers mean less light reflection. Facing different wavelengths of light, more coatings can act on more different wavelengths of light. Single layer coating can reduce the loss of light transmission to 2%, while multi-layer coating can reduce it up to 0.1%!

Coating increases light transmission by reducing light reflection, allowing us to see a brighter image. Under strong light, coating reduces glare and makes the image clearer. From the above picture we can clearly see the difference with and without coating.

Learn more about coating: 

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Asian flyer - Su Bingtian

The 100-meter race is one of the most popular events on the Olympic circuit. In the men's 100m semi-final, Su Bingtian ran 9″83 to break the Asian track and field record for the 100m race, breaking into the final with the first place. Asians, who account for 3/5 of the world's population, have only six people who have broken the ten-second mark so far. 


It was an accident that Su Bingtian came into contact with sprinting. When he was in junior high school, he was punished by his teacher for not completing his homework and was accidentally discovered by the school track and field team. 

In addition to talent, Su Bingtian also put in absolute effort. Su's foreign coach Huntington said this about him: "His training attitude is rare among Chinese track and field athletes, he doesn't need a coach to spur him on."

Privately, Su Bingtian and his wife, who is also his junior high school classmate, have a happy family and a lovely son, and the two have been together for 19 years.

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