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September 10th, 2021

Why You Can't Get Your Order On Time From China?

What’s your order situation now in China? Shipping cost raised again? Delay after delay again? Product price increased again? Let me tell the story...the truth!

The production capacity in China is seriously saturated. Due to the Covid-19, most of countries lock down the production and business. A lot of production moved to China again.

In many areas the government starts to carry out the power brownouts. It was used to be two days power off, not it is three days off. It means during the 3 days we can’t do anything for the production.

Raw materials, chip and lens price keeps growing! To the worse, it is hard to get them on time. Most suppliers now store up them to corner the market

Check the diagram for the aluminum price from London Metal Exchange. It happens everywhere.


Why Choose A 'Direct Bulb' Red Dot Sight?

Direct bulb’ was first introduced by ‘Vector Optics’. It is indeed called RCLEDResonant-Cavity Light-Emitting Diodewhich is a light-emitting diode using compound semiconductors.

Surface-emitting RCLEDs are excellent in terms of coupling efficiency, the speed of response, temperature characteristics and durability. RCLEDs are applied to control sensors of cars, car audios, automatic navigation systems, military vehicles, combat planes, airplanes and ships.

According to the light source, reflect sight can be divided into ‘direct bulb red dot’ and diaphragm red dot. ‘Diaphragm’ is the traditional red dot light source technology, while the direct bulb technology is more advanced and modern.

Direct Bulb.png

In short the advantages of direct bulb can be summarized in the below three points.

 Better stability

 Longer service life

 Less dispersion & More rounded dot

Learn more about the ‘direct bulb’ red dot sight: the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:

August New & Update Products Quick browsing (click product photo for more)

Two More Frenzy FDE Finish Pistol Red Dot Sight (SCRD-F43 & SCRD-F19II)

3MOA Dot Size, Window Size 17x24mm 0.7x0.9", 1" 25.4mm Width

50,000 Hours Battery Runtime, IPX6 Water Proof

FDE Frenzy.jpg

Constantine 1-10x24 SFP (SCOC-31)

FMC and Extra-Low Dispersion, True 10x Zoom Factor, True 1x Power

Edge-to-Edge Image, Center Illuminated, 30mm Monotube, IPX6 Water Proof

1/2MOA Low Profile Adjustment, Wide FOV 1x Power @ 21.5°, 95-90mm 3.7-3.5" Eye Relief,

Etched Glass Ranging Reticle

Constantine 1-10x24 & Reticle.jpg

Maverick-IV 3x22 Magnifier Mini (SCMF-41)

Compact Size, Full Metal, Adjustable Windage & Elevation, Crystal Clear, 

69mm 2.7" Long Eye Relief, Build-in Flip-to-Side Picatinny QD Mount 

37mm 1.4" From Bottom to Ring Center, Great Combo with Maverick-IV Red Dot Sight

Maverick Magnifier & Red Dot Sight.jpg

Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clip (VDMN-01) & AK/SKS Stripper Clips (VDAK-01)

Made of Steel, Reusable

For Speed and Easy Reloading

Package Sale 

AK SKS.jpg

Double Magazine Pouch (GPPD-01)

Made of Plastic Polymer, Tension Adjustable, Paddle Connection,

Double Slots, Universal Compatible w/ 9mm .40, .45, Single or Double Magazines

Double Magazine Pouch.png

Multi-Fit Holster Right Hand (GPHR-01)

Made of Plastic Polymer, Right Hand, Fit Most Pistols

Auto-Locking, Trigger Finger Release for a Quick Draw

Designed for Rigorous Use, Black Matte

Compact, Solid and Light Weight for All Application Tactics, Hunting & Sporting

Multi-Fit Holster Right Hand.png

Celebrating the 14th Anniversary for Vector Optics

It is on Aug-17-2021 that is the Vector Optics 14th Anniversary.

Our ambassador in Lithuania just gave us a very good birthday gift. Plinking party II with 34mm Continental FFP.

What a fun day! The sound of metal collision is so exciting! In your free time, make an appointment with friends, bring your children, to experience it!

The crisp metal crashing sound, the perfect plinking shooting event. Happy birthday to Vector Optics!

Lithuania Continental.jpg 

For the complete event, please visit: 

For Product info please visit:

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