We Are Going To Forward To The Future, Not Back Into The Past ----- October 2021 Newsletter

November 01th, 2021

It is just the tip of the iceberg of our products’ assembling and QC workmanship!

Each of Vector Optics product delivers its value of reliability and repeatability. We are glad to share some of our daily grind to illustrate how we build and test our Vector Optics Frenzy Red Dot Sight.

The following images describe Vector Optics Frenzy Red dot Sight center aligning, adjustment verification, housing and cleaning processes.

If you want to know other Vector Optics product production procedures, such as: Continental, please let us know. We are happy to share them with you.

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:


Cleaning the Lens&Sightbody of Red Dot.jpgCleaning the Lens of Red Dot.jpg

Center Line&Adjustment Range Verification Of Red Dot.jpg

Housing&Classification&Packaging of Red Dot.jpg

New Products Forecasting----Night Vision

Vector Optics Owlset Night Vision Riflescope

3.7-11x Magnification, 50mm Objective Lens, Focus Adjustment

Up to 600 Meters Observation Range in Dark Environment

With Infrared Reinforcement Light, Multi Reticles Options

Image-In-Image, Video Recording, Wi-Fi, Multi- Languages

For more info please contact sales@vectoroptics.com

Explore more: https://www.vectoroptics.com/products/view/id/SCNVS-01.html

We will introduce the Thermal Optics in next newsletter.              

Digital Night Vision Riflescope and reticle png.png                                  

Check Vector Optics Ambassador Program and Make You Well-know All Over the World!

Vector Optics has provided premium optics and innovative sighting system more than 15 years.

We design, build, and test our scopes & red dot sights for rifles and pistols to be used in all fields of applications for hunting, defense, sporting & competition.

Until now more than 100 countries users enjoy Vector Optics products for short, medium, and long-range shooting. Our users are from recreational shooters to critical users such as: sporting marksman, avid hunters, and tactical elites in arctic cold, desert heat and all in environments that can-and-will.

In 2021, estimated at least half million products will be sold all over the world.

The worldwide influence of VE.jpg

Everyday hundreds of users directly search ‘Vector Optics’ on internet. They are from organic and direct search instead of from advertisement.

The Google Monthly Report of VE Homepage.jpg

The Google Console Report of VE Homepage.jpg

It doesn't matter your profession, gender, or nationality, as long as you love shooting and have an insight into the shooting field, you're the one we're looking for.

This is program is to thank those who have been providing support to Vector Optics and helping us improve! Meanwhile it will bring you more fans all over the world.

Vector Optics Ambassador now flourishes in Brazil, USA, Lithuania, Poland, South Africa, France, Austria, Swiss, Slovak, Spain etc.

The picture of AM 223.pngAM.jpg

How to apply: https://www.vectoroptics.com/ambassador-application/

We Encourage You to Use, Test and Review Our Products.

Are You Ready for the Holiday Season?

Buy Vector Optics scopes and red dot sight that you can get free gift packaging for your family and friends. 

Free Gift Packaging.jpg

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