【weekly】Two new arrivals for the once-in-a-lifetime “Twosday”!

March 05th, 2022

What's new this week?

The closing ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics? Or the magical "Twosday" (2022-02-22)?

At Vector Optics, we have prepared 2 "Twosday Surprises" for all shooting lovers: the brand new S4 4-16x44 FFP and S4 6-24x50 FFP Riflescopes. Let's check them out!


As you probably noticed from the picture, the two scopes are our VictOptics products. VictOptics is our sub-brand, which focuses on entry level, and can be used on airsoft and small calibers. Click here to follow VictOptics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictOptics

So, what makes the new S4 FFP scope special?

If you are looking for a light weight scope with a large field of view, and your budget is relatively low, then S4 FFP scope would be a perfect choice! What’s more, it’s shockproof, waterproof and fogproof, and is fully-multi coated, can offer you high light transmission with bright and clear image! Check out more features from the below picture!


But how good is the image quality?

As the below picture shows, on the right is S4 FFP scope, on the left is a scope of another brand. You can clearly notice that S4 FFP scope has a much slimmer edge, and a larger FOV. With its fully-multi coated objective lens, the image looks bright and clear. If you compare S4 FFP scope with any other brand scopes, I bet that the image quality can compete some famous big brands!


For more info, please contact: sales@vectoroptics.com

Join the "Vector Optics Riflescope, Red Dot Sight Export & Import" group to know more about Vector Optics:


Congratulations to our Polish Brand Ambassador Tomasz Kocemba!

As a professional shooter in HFT and FT field, Tomasz has devoted himself to the shooting community. He manages a large shooting club in Poland and often participates in large shooting competitions, which include the Winter cup and the HFT/FT competitions. What’s more, he is also a member of the Polish National Team for the World Championships. 


Vector Optics is proud to announce that this great shooter is now our brand ambassador! Congratulations! With his professional knowledge and skills we are sure that we will make common progress and offer better products and services! May Tomasz always enjoy the charm of HFT/FT competitions!

Want to learn more about Tomasz Kocemba? Just click here: www.strzelectwoterenowe.pl

FAQ of the week

Why does my red dot sight have a blurred aiming point?

1、Astigmatism problem

If you have astigmatism, then you'd probably get different visual representation of what a red dot sight might look like. (Please check picture "A" for reference) 


2、Try with the camera to catch the real visual representation

(1)Put the red dot in front of the Box in a close distance

(2)Camera focus on the “Lens”

(3)Camera focus on the “Box”

(Please check picture “B” for reference)



If the red dot is still blurring in your camera, please contact service@vectoroptics.com for support.

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