【weekly】IWA show 2022 starts now!

March 07th, 2022

Big news for all shooting lovers, the IWA show 2022 starts this week! It's a leading trade fair for hunting and sporting guns, outdoor and accessories, and has developed for 45 years. This year it's from March 3rd to 6th, in Nuremberg, Germany. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, we are not able to go to Germany to attend the exhibition, which is a great pity for us and for our customers who want to meet us offline.


But the good news is, we still developed new products for everyone during this period, and they will soon arrive in Germany for distribution! Want to know more details about the new arrivals? Detail info will be unfolded in our next few newsletters, please stay tuned!

The new Frenzy-S 1x17x24 SID

The new Frenzy-S 1x17x24 SID is definitely something that we want to bring and “show off” on the IWA show! But now that we are not going to attend the IWA show, we'd love to introduce it from online.


To know the new item, we have to first talk about the Frenzy-S family.

What are the key features of the Frenzy-S family?

1、Light and Compact


Of all our red dot sights, Frenzy is the most popular one due to the light weight, but Frenzy-S can be even lighter! As the above chart shows, Frenzy-S 1x17x24 SID shares the same lens size with Frenzy 1x17x24, but has less than half of the weight, super light and compact!

2、Direct Bulb

Unlike traditional red dot sights, Frensy-S sights adopt an advanced technology called direct bulb. Direct bulb red dot sights use a small lamp bead as their built-in light source, the lamp bead projects the light source directly on the lens to form the red dot, and its size determines the size of the red dot on the lens.

This technology enables you to use the red dot sight even when the lens is partially broken or covered by mud stains. This is because the brightness of the red dot is maintained at its strongest regardless of the position on the lens, so when your red dot sight is partially broken or dirty, you can still aim at the target through the edge of the lens instead of using the center dot. With this technology, Frenzy-S is really advanced and convenient!

Frenzy-S 1x17x24 SID inherits all the good traits of its family, and has its own specialty.


For most red dot sight, it is very troublesome when it's run out of battery. Why? Because you'd have to remove the sight and re-zero it, a real turnoff if it happens in the middle of the shooting activity! However, things can be so easy with Frenzy-S 1x1724 SID, for it's Battery sided loaded! There's no need to worry about losing zero after you change the battery!

3、Auto light sensor

Besides, this sight also has an auto light sensor with shake-awake feature, this means that the sight can detect movement of the firearms and automatically turn itself on, and change the light intensity in accordance with the surrounding light condition.

What's more, this sight is covered by our T-VIP lifetime warranty!

For more info, please contact sales@vectoroptics.com

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FAQ of the week

Why doesn't my red dot illuminate on Maverick?

1、Battery issue

Please try different brand batteries of CR2032 3.0V. Sometimes the red dot does not turn on when you put new battery inside, but it turns on normally after you put different brand battery inside.

2、Poor contact issue

Please try to pull the metal contact to see if this will help? Check below picture “A” for reference.


3、Gear metal issue

Please try these 4 steps to see if it works, check below picture “B” for reference.

Step 1 : Relax the screw

Step 2 : Put battery directly on the metal contact “+” and “-”

Step 3 : Look Through the red dot / Take a photo

Step 4 : Assemble! Make sure the “·”+“0”+“|” at the same line.





If the red dot is still not illuminating, please contact service@vectoroptics.com for support!

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