【Weekly】New arrival. Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 Enclosed Reflex Sight

September 06th, 2022

Keep progressing and keep learning

Vector optics has been growing continuously since its 15th anniversary. We're always trying to pursue improvement and progress, but we know that is not enough. We launch several new products almost every month, enriching the product chain and meeting the different needs of our customers. Our team members always study the new products before they are sold. Each week we focus on learning and answering questions.

For our senior staff, it is possible to fully understand the new products before selling it. For junior staff, studying new products can also help them deepen their knowledge of optics. What’s more, Vector Optics also conducts systematic training and product learning for our new team members. New employees can quickly understand the company's structure and corporate culture during the training sessions on these systems. In product learning, Vector Optics newcomers can quickly adapt to the company, familiarize themselves with the atmosphere, and make continuously progress in product knowledge.


Learning new products can improve the team's sensitivity and responsiveness to the market. In retail and business sales, many users can directly provide us with the most authentic feedback. We can also perform reverse market analysis on products. Besides, we have new media staff exclusive on promoting and obtaining information promptly, can offer you the latest information and real feedback at the forefront. We will continue to improve and try our best to bring a better shooting experience to our users. Vector Optics promise that we will accompany your every shot and be your loyal partner!

New arrival! Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 Enclosed Reflex Sight

New week, new product! Vector Optics now has our first mini enclosed reflex sight! Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 Enclosed Reflex Sight! First of all, we need to know the difference between enclosed red dot sight and open-style red dot sight before knowing about the new enclosed reflex sight. To understand the advantages of enclosed red dot sight compared with open-style red dot sight and what circumstances do we need to choose an enclosed red dot sight.

Weatherproof: Enclosed red dot sight works well in rain, dust, snow and any other unpredictable environment you may encounter. A drop of rain on the emitter can cause your reticle to spatter and starburst. With an enclosed optic, this is not an issue at all.  You can't get around enclosed designs if you are looking for "environmentally independent" red dot sights for tough use.

Sturdy and robust: If you're looking for a rugged red dot sight that can handle bumps and falls in the field or on a budget, an enclosed reflex sight might be the way to go. It is more stable and sturdy than the open red dot sight.

Fast to focus: Enclosed red dot sight’s eye box is more focused. You can aim faster at the target. And if you have no requirement for the widest possible field of view, then you can choose the closed reflex sight series.

Now, after knowing the reasons to choose the enclosed red dot sight, it’s time to introduce the new member of our Frenzy family! Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 Enclosed Reflex Sight Prototype! What are the unique traits of this new member? 


The front of this enclosed red dot sight incorporates two glasses, if the front objective were to be struck and cracked, we could still use the sight. Its transmission is 70% average over the range 420 - 900 NM.

Moreover, a side-access battery compartment means that there is no need to remove the sight for battery change, which saves us the question and zero.

The emitter remains protected by the second glass. This level of protection ensures the highest level of reliability. Nothing can stop you; you shoot in the rain, snow, and sleet without complaint. 


Main features of Frenzy Plus 1x18x20 Enclosed Reflex Sight Prototype:

1. Motion Sensor (2 Minutes Auto Shut-Off)

2. 8 Levels & 2 NV Red Dot

3. Direct Bulb (better stability; longer service life; less dispersion; more rounded dot)

4. Audible Clicks (Clicks you can hear and feel with each turn. Easily zeroed)

How to order?

For business:


Or contact sales@vectoroptics.com

For cooperation, please contact her@vectoroptics.com

Join our group to share or interact with real user experiences. And the monthly giveaway and coupons is waiting for you!




How to mount the enclosed red dot sight on pistols or rails?

It depends on the footprint. This enclosed dot sight is VOD footprintcompatible with ACRO®.


More adapters are under development (such as: SCFRM-13 RMR), please contact us if you have other advice.

For the video of mounting, please click this link:https://youtu.be/QxQ8Prqk7m4

For other new mount choose, leave your voice, please click this link:https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/JtCzuo

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